Our Staff

With a team of experienced clinical psychologists who follow scientific developments in the field, we provide psychological counseling and self-development services in order to raise your quality of life and to protect your mental health.

FERHAT YARAR. PhD., Clinical Psychologist.

klinik_psikolog_dr_ferhat_yararDr. Ferhat Yarar had received his B.S. Degree in Psychology from Middle East Technical University in 2007. He had received his Masters and PhD Degrees in Clinical Psychology from the same university in 2010, and 2015 respectively. During his masters level studies, he had studied cognitive interpersonal differences and traumatic stress; whereas his PhD research was an extensive investigation of positive human experiences and strengths within positive clinical psychology paradigm.


As a practicing clinical psychologist, Dr. Ferhat Yarar had been affiliated with İhsan Dogramaci Bilkent University Psychological Counselling Center, Dışkapı Child Hospital Mental Health Clinic, Ankara Numune Hospital Adult Psychiatry Clinic, Boylam Psychiatric Hospital, Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine Child Mental Health Department, and Adult Mental Health Department. During his doctoral studies, he carried out supervised clinical practice in Ayna Clinical Psychology Unit at Middle East Technical University.


Recently, Dr. Ferhat Yarar has a full time affiliation as an assistant professor at Istanbul Medipol University, Department of Psychology. In Korto Psikoloji, he provides counseling and therapy services for adults and couples. Dr. Ferhat Yarar provides mental health care for English speaking clients.

ESİN ERGİN. M.S., Clinical Psychologist.

esinerginBahar Esin Ergin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Koç University, and a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Hacettepe University. During her graduate training, she was specialized in interpersonal problems, attachment, and problem solving.


Since 2010, she is a Gestalt Therapy trainee who receives intensive supervision and clinical training in Gestalt approach and techniques. Besides, she has completed Satir’s Family and Marriage Therapy Training. She also has additional training in trauma and trauma intervention. During her graduate studies she worked as an intern at the Oncology and Psychiatry Department of Hacettepe University Hospital. After her studies, she worked as a research assistant at Okan Univesity’s Psychology Department, and then as a psychologist at the Students Counseling Center of the same university.


At Korto, Esin Ergin practices as a clinical psychologist and provides counseling and therapy services for adults and couples with issues such as social anxiety, panic attack, depression, posttraumatic stress disorder, anger management, interpersonal relationship problems, loss and bereavement, and coping with chronic illnesses.