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We provide psychological support and self-development services in order to raise your quality of life and to protect your mental health. With our motto “counseling for your well-being,” we provide counseling and psycho-educational services in İstanbul both in Asian and European sides.  Our offices are located at Erenköy, Göztepe, Ataşehir  and Nişantaşı. With our team of psychologists who are experienced in providing psychotherapy in English, we offer individual and couples counseling in English.


Through the individual counseling services provided by Korto specialists, you could feel stronger and better; learn to cope effectively with your problems; and build the necessary personal and social skills that will allow you prevent future problems.

With the help of our specialists, you could look into your problem areas and gain the necessary coping skills. Through the psychological support we provide, you could make positive changes in your life; and be more hopeful, determined, and empowered about the issues you feel “stuck” with.


In addition to providing individual and family counseling services at Korto Counseling Services, we offer couples counseling services to help couples deal with relationship issues and to help them build stronger relationships.

Our aim is to (a) help individuals look into themselves, their relationship patterns, and the causes of their problems in a warm and trusting environment with an objective viewpoint; (b) to help couples learn and practice necessary skills to overcome their problems; and (c) to support couples in preventing possible future problems with the skills they have gained.

These services are provided by psychologists who are experienced in close relationships and couples counseling.