With a team of experienced specialists who follow scientific developments in the field, we provide psychological support and self-development services in order to raise your quality of life and to protect your mental health.

Korto Psychology was built in 2008 in Istanbul. With our motto “counseling for your well-being,” we provide counseling and psycho-educational services at three locations in Istanbul (i.e., Erenköy, Göztepe and Nişantaşı). From the beginning of 2013, we are offering psychological counseling and psychotherapy for English speaking individuals living in Turkey. With our team of psychologists who are experienced in providing psychological counseling in English, we offer individual and couples counseling in English.

The main areas we provide psychological support services to adults are:
» Problems experienced with family members,
» Spousal/partner issues,
» Issues related to the workplace (i.e., career counseling, motivation problems, relations with coworkers),
» Psychological and sociocultural adjustment difficulties,
» Anxiety, stress, depression, anger, loneliness, fear, obsessions,
» Self-development; building assertiveness and self-esteem,
» Coping with bereavement,

The main areas we provide psychological support services to adolescents are:
» Adjustment issues and behavioral problems,
» Anxiety, fear, stress, depression,
» Relationship (family and friends) issues,
» Identity issues,
» Assertiveness and self-esteem issues.

We offer you a confidential, warm, and supportive environment.

Our aim is to empower you, to help you gain the personal and social skills you need, to help overcome your problems, and to prevent possible future problems.

In order to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment please send an e-mail ([email protected]), or fill in the form below.